What is happening here?

What is happening here?

Let’s go straight to the point: what is going on here? The Heart Shaped Glasses Theory is going on, to begin with. Great news, it is always going on somewhere in the Universe. Speaking to you on these virtual pages is me, Siècle Vaëlban, and I am a writer, which IS what is mostly going on here.

As any magical storyteller would do, I will grant you three questions about my work. Shoot!

Why do you write, Siècle?

Why does anyone write is a vast subject and I will only speak for myself. I am writing because:

♠ – I MUST (and my Muse-who-thinks-she-is-a-dragon will make sure I do).

♦ – I want to share ideas that will have a chance to bypass the judgmental filter we are all spontaneously using to process information. Building imaginary places, characters and worlds is a very effective way to transmit thoughts or a state of being. Why? Because when you put your ideas in a story, you disguise them. You plant ancient seeds stitched in a new costume and they will be received with much less prejudice. Sometimes, they will even flourish inside a reader the way a straight rational idea never will.

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The power of creation – Source

♣ – Creation is an incredible force of life to nourish yourself with. Among all the available medias, writing is the one I prefer. Think about it: you only need a pen or a keyboard (and a lot of patience, passion and determination) to use your creative power in the most free and personal way. I love that freedom and the infinite potentialities it holds.

♥ – It makes my experience of the world magical (and this is frankly the only answer I will ever need).

What kind of stories do you write, Siècle?

In my stories, you will find different settings, events and ideas, even different kind of languages, but you will always find:

★ – Characters who are struggling against their inner and outside world(s) to understand who they are; characters who will have to make radical choices to define, or even create, who they want to be; characters who are walking the path of fear, dream or hope, and will learn to rise from disgrace to transfiguration.

★ – Elements of wonder: it could be magical moving objects or the little joys we enjoy in everyday life. The beauty of Nature and the gifts of Mother Earth are elements of wonder as well, so is humour weaved in dark situations, so is spicing the narrative voice with a full spoon of craziness or a touch of poetry.

★ – Death and Life (under the wing of Lord Shiva)… you will always find.

Could you be more specific about the stories you are currently writing, Siècle?

Of course, dearest unknown being, I am nothing if I not specific. I am working on four different projects right now. The first one is called Nomorgames. It is a fantasy humorous trilogy staring adventurous teenagers, the best Ace of clubs ever, a speaking tennis ball and a cruel absence of blueberries. My second project, Full Sky, is an extravagant Opera show where masks, crinolines and magical ribbons are mixed with the dangerous scent of a long-time coming revolution. House of Saapia offers a different vibe and this third story tastes more like a philosophical tale played on an endless sea. My last work is a story for children: in Falling Star and Little Morning, we follow a young girl who made a pact with the Mountain’s spirits to save her sister.

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Magical books everywhere – Source

Pffffiou, here we are, dear. What a post, you know almost everything! Oh… I also have a Schedule that will be updated in time. And if you wish to pay a visit, here is my twin website in French language. Now, you do really know everything.

Flowers of light in your heart and may you flourish on your own path.